September 2021


I wrote this in 2019. It started as an acoustic guitar/ vocal guide demo for a backup band to learn for a benefit. It got good reviews so I kept adding to it with the help of some talented friends.


 Rise Up!



Mark Steven Miller - Sonic Umbrella Music Publishing BMI

 March 2020

A song I wrote and recorded in my home studio with contributions by Craig T. Fall - Video by C.T. Fall


LEFT SIDE OF LONESOMEMark Steven Miller - Sonic Umbrella Music Publishing BMI

March 2019

A song I co-wrote with Rick Yancey in the 1990's in Nashville, reimagined in an unplugged format.


I Went Crazy


Mark Steven Miller - Curb Music Publishing BMI  /Rick Marshall Yancey - Rick Yancey Music BMI



March 2017


The Kitchen Table Sessions


The link below takes you to my SoundCloud page where you'll find some tunes recorded live around my kitchen table in 2017/2018 with Rick Hammond in an unplugged format.



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